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Shenandoah Gallery

Most larger versions of the images displayed here will open in their own window because of the picture size involved.

Shenandoah Trust Company

This very detailed artwork shows the Shenandoah Trust Company during the 1920's.

The Hotel Ferguson

The Hotel Ferguson around 1920.

Downtown Shenandoah

Downtown Shenandoah, complete with colorful awnings, during the 1920's. The trolley tracks can be seen down the center of the street. The days of the trolley in Shenandoah were numbered, trolley service ceased in 1927.

Locust Mountain Breaker

The Locust Mountain Breaker, around 1920.

Shenandoah City Colliery

The Shenandoah City Colliery was the first colliery opened in Shenandoah and it operated from 1864 to 1932.

Shenandoah City Colliery

A different view of the Shenandoah City Colliery. For a larger version click the picture above.

Ten Dollars

This is a very rare Series 1929, Type 1, ten dollar bill from The Miners National Bank. For a better look click on the image above.

The Shenandoah Presidents

This is a picture of the first Shenandoah Presidents semi-pro football team in 1932. Football star Frank Racis can be seen standing second from the left, #66. Racis acted as player/coach for this football team. For more on Frank Racis check out the Shenandoah History page. For a larger version click on the image above.

Football ProgramFootball Program

A Shenandoah Presidents football program from 1936. For an easy to read version click on one of the small images above.

Football Program

Another 1936 football program, this one from Paterson, NJ. A larger image can be viewed in it's own window, just click on the picture above.

Shenandoah Trust Company

The Shenandoah Trust Company building in 1938. On the top floor of this Shenandoah building was Andrew J. Popalis' office. The youngest son of Andrew and Mary Popalis, made his living as a Metropolitan Life Insurance salesman for many years. Click the small picture for a larger image.

Meeting at Main & Center

A group of men meet at Main & Center in 1938. Click the image above for a larger version.

The Lyric Theater

The Lyric Theater 1938.

Maple Hill Second Shaft Tower

The second shaft tower as seen from the first shaft tower at the Maple Hill Mine in 1938. Open a larger version of the image above by clicking on it.

The Syrian Church

The Syrian Church on West Street in 1938.

Shenandoah 1938

Shenandoah in 1938, as seen from the Brownsville section. For a larger version click the picture above.

Shenandoah Heights Pool

The Shenandoah Heights pool during the 1930's.

The Ferguson Hotel

The Ferguson Hotel in the center of town, the year is 1938. Click this picture to view a larger version.

Siswein's and the A&P

From the Library of Congress, a view of Main Street at night, 1938. Siswein's Furniture and The A&P Supermarket. Click on the image above for a larger version.

Maher's Dance Hall

Maher's Dance Hall 1938. Click on the image above to see a larger version.

Maher's Dance Hall

Maher's Dance Hall 1938. A larger image can be viewed by clicking on the image above.

South Main Street

South Main Street looking North around 1940. A larger version can be seen by clicking on the image above.

Centre Street

This picture was taken from Centre Street looking east towards Main Street, circa 1940.

1941 Parade

St. George parochial school children in a 1941 parade. To see a larger version simply click on the image above.

Stief's Drug Store

A view inside of Stief's drug store, 1940's.

Stief's Drug Store

Another image taken inside of Stief's drug store.

North Main Street

Main Street Shenandoah, looking north, in the 1940's.

South Main Street

Main Street Shenandoah, looking south, in 1940.

Downtown Shenandoah at Night

Downtown Shenandoah at night, circa 1940.

The Town of Shenandoah

A linen postcard picture of Shenandoah, around 1940. You can view a larger version by clicking on the picture.

Two Churches

A postcard from the 1940's which freatures St. John's Evangelical and St. George's Roman Catholic Churches. Click the image above for a larger version.

St. Nicholas Breaker

The St. Nicholas Breaker, located 1 mile east of Shenandoah, was the world's largest coal breaking facility.

Columbia Beer Tray

During Shenandoah's history three breweries have called the town home. The Home Brewing Company was located in the northern part of town. The J. Tunnah Brewing Co. operated in Shenandoah from 1878 to 1880. But the town's most famous brewery was the Columbia Brewery, located on South Ferguson Street. More Columbia trays and beer coasters can be seen in the Scrapbook.

Shenandoah 1949

This arial image of Shenandoah was taken in 1949. This view of the landscape shows the results of 100 years of coal mining. Click above for the original image, but be warned, it is very large. Because of the size the picture will open in it's own window.

Shenandoah Landmarks

Three Shenandoah landmarks as they appeared in the 1950's, the Shenandoah Post Office, built during the depression, St. George and St. Casimir churches.

Aftermath of the 1955 Fire

The South Main Street fire of 1955 destroyed almost a whole block of property. The fire began on Main & Cherry Streets at Aranoff's Dry Goods and spread northward. The blaze began around two in the morning, the temperatures were well below freezing and the fire hydrants were frozen shut. All of this, combined with low water pressure, contributed to a devistating inferno. Click on the picture above to see all the 1955 Fire images.

Oppenheimer Building

The Oppenheimer building in 1964. The Strand Theatre marquee can be seen on the left, as well as the store fronts of The O'Neill News Agency, and Eddy's Mens Shop. In 1965, shortly after Christmas, this building would burn down, leaving 30 people homeless. Click on the image above for the full-sized picture, it will open in a new window.

Main Street

Main Street, looking north, 1960's. Click on the picture above for a larger version.

Shenandoah 1966

Shenandoah and Shenandoah Heights in 1966. This picture is from a postcard sold during Shenandoah's Centennial celebration.

Lyric Hotel

Artist Bradley Wind uses a familiar Shenandoah landmark in his "Lyric Hotel". Click on the image above to view a larger version in it's own window.


Artist George Luks, "Shenandoah". The artist lived from 1867 to 1933. Click on the image above for a larger version.

Shenandoah Paintings

The Art of Catherine Gibson, "Shenandoah, PA - Patch Town" & "Shenandoah, PA Coal Breaker with Culm Bank".

Garment Worker

This photograph, by Martin J. Desht, can be found in the Walsh Library Gallery of Seton Hall University. This picture simply portrays a single-needle garment worker in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. The photograph was taken in 1992.

Shenandoah Miner's Memorial

The Shenandoah Miner's Memorial, located at the entrance to Girard Park. By clicking on the picture above you can view this three panel monument in more detail.

Civil War Memorial

The Civil War Memorial in Odd Fellows Cemetery. Click on the image above to view a larger version.

Shenandoah PA

Western Shenandoah as seen from Shenandoah Heights.

Shenandoah Aerial

A distant aerial view of present day Shenandoah and Shenandoah Heights. Surface mining areas are visible from the air.

Shenandoah Aerial

A partial aerial view of southern Shenandoah.

Aerial pictures by Louis David Truskowsky.
His site of Schuylkill County aerial photos can be seen at




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